La Cerveza de Verdad

Born In Mexico

In 1882 a Mexican farmer and a wandering Frenchman formed an unlikely duo with a single goal in mind: to brew the finest cerveza in all the land. Together they built a brewery that would help fuel the rise of beer across Mexico. Their famous lager, Monopolio, was proudly brewed for 50 years and recognized at world fairs from Chicago to Paris.

Today, we honor that tradition and carry on the legacy, brewing the original recipes with the same love and commitment, and with the same goal of producing world-class cerveza.

La Mejor
Siempre Por
Encima De Todas

Gran Fabrica, San Luis Potosi, 1890

Cervecería de San Luis

In 1860 a young Juan Fouilloux sailed across the Atlantic from France to St Louis, Missouri, where he would master his skills as a brewer. After the Civil War he traveled south to Mexico. A chance meeting with Jose M. Otahegui in San Luis Potosi allowed for the right mix of skills and ingredients to brew a cerveza of superior quality. They founded the Cerveceria de San Luis in 1882, a grand brewery and proud symbol of the advancements of the time.

We are as proud of our history as we are to brew cerveza. The Cerveceria de San Luis is focused on sharing our love of Mexican beer culture through each and every Monopolio.

Lager Clara

Hand crafted blond lager originally brewed for the warm desert climate of San Luis. Crisp and refreshing with a bright and tantalizing malt flavor. Aromas of grains, bread, and maize.


Lager Negra

Hand crafted amber lager. Smooth and balanced with rich deep caramel flavors, working in a symmetrical harmony with imported hops.



El Despacho

Welcome to the Monopolio taproom in 1929.


No Land Farther Beyond

Non Plus Ultra, short for “Non Terre Plus Ultra” or “no land farther beyond,” was a popular moto before the discovery of the New World.

Spain later adopted “Plus Ultra” or “more beyond” referring to Columbus’ discovery. Today you can find the moto on the Spanish Flag, featured across the pillars of Hercules. The Cerveceria de San Luis’ proudly displayed our own interpretation back in 1900: “the beer of the land farther beyond.”


During the Revolution

During the war for Independence, revolutionaries fighting in the deserts and mountains of San Luis summoned up courage with a Monopolio before battle.

An excerpt from a local newspaper ‘El Estandarte’ in May of 1911 read “revolutionaries say the only thing better than 30:30 calibre bullets is a delicious Monopolio from the Cerveceria de San Luis.”


Bottling Room

Given the cerveza’s popularity among men the decision was made to employ only women in the bottling room.